I discovered photography when I was a child. I was four when my father put in my hands his beloved Nikkormat FT2 and he taught me to use it. I began to express myself through this medium.

I have always given importance to what I photograph, I believe because I knew the value of the object I had in my hands, and because at the time the film and developing it had a cost.
Photography has accompanied my whole life more or less intensely until as an adult I understood that it was my path.

I grew up in Florence. I had a classical education, I studied architecture training at the University of Florence and Harvard University in Cambridge. Then I chose the path of journalism, so I became a freelance photojournalist. I contribute to various publications dealing with news, culture, entertainment and food. I am also a Business Angel and I am a co-founder of two startups.

My passion for photography led me to deal with many genres, from architectural to street photography, from portrait to reportage, from landscape photography to astronomical photography and many others.
I love collaborating with artists, musicians, dancers and painters. I am interested in seeing things in a new way, finding new awareness in combination with intellect and poetry. I am fascinated by the geometries, the dynamism of time and the transition from a three-dimensional world to a two-dimensional image. Impressing my feelings and dreams in an image with awareness.